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Monthly Dental Plans
Cover Level Standard Cover  Standard Plus Cover    
Dental Examination  
    • Once/year
  •  once/year
Emergency Consultation
  • As required
  • As required
Preventative treatments
  •  As required
    • As required
Hygienist treatment  
  • Two visits per year
  • Four visits  per year
Fillings * * *
Crowns * * *
Bridges * * *
Veneers * * *
Orthodontics * * *
Implants * * *
Dentures * * *
Root Canal Treatment
* * *
Tooth Whitening * * *
Tooth Extractions * * *
Snoring Appliances * * *
Treatment of TMJ disorders * * *
Facial Aeshetics * * *
Monthly Plan Fees
Cover Level
Monthly Fee
Standard £8.96
Standard Plus £14.79

* All levels additionally cover

  • small xrays when required
  • routine oral cancer screening
  • 15% discount on treatment
  • diet and oral hygiene advise
  • membership card with 24 hour helpline numbers for dental emergencies at home or aboard
  • worldwide supplementary dental injury and emergency insurance

The monthly plan cost includes the charges for management and administration payable by you to DPAS. Treatment not covered by this plan can be paid for separately.



(Only treatment that is clinically necessary is included within the Careplan. For elective cosmetic treatment please refer to the fee per item page)

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